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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
I think I'd prefer Decker stay our #2. The guy is going to finish with right around a thousand yards. I'd rather we go for a traditional fast/small slot guy than try to force a big possession receiver into that position.
I'd like to see them go after another outside WR to be honest.

Decker would still be the starter alongside Thomas, but when we go with three wides Decker could move inside and work the slot. I like him a lot more working the middle of the field.

Another deep threat apart from Thomas would be extremely useful, and I'd like to see another WR on the roster that I think could start. Neither Caldwell nor Willis look good enough, and Stokely is a pure slot guy.

I know the WR crop in free agency is pretty good this year, maybe we can get someone for a reasonable price? I don't expect any of the big names like Jennings, Bowe, Wallace and Welker to be in play for us, but someone from the second tier would be a nice addition.
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