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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
without looking at the actual schedule and doing this before the draft and FA. this is like flying at night in the thunderstorm clouds..

Home games include games vs.

(13-3) Saints LOSS
(12-4) Steelers LOSS
(10-6) Texans LOSS
(8-8) Chargers to close to call early in the year probably a win late not a chance
(8-8) Chokeland win
(7-9) Chefs win
(4-12) Browns win
(4-12) Bucs win

Away games include games vs.

(13-3) Patriots LOSS
(12-4) Ravens LOSS
(10-6) Falcons LOSS
(9-7) Bengals LOSS
(8-8) Chargers LOSS
(8-8) Chokeland LOSS
(7-9) Chefs LOSS
(6-10) Panthers win

Looks like 6-10 to me as it stands right this minute..

If we get some great draft picks and a couple of key FA and suffer not major injuries could be a 9-7 season..

But KC is on the rise loads of talent, new coach in crennel could be a real problem..
OAK about the same although not sure about their coaching, davis is dead so WTFK which direction this team will do.. I suspect if they allow the HC to call the plays instead of being a puppet, they could be a damned good team..

SAN loads of talent still have norv as a coach.

those are 6 of the games that are going to be tough ones.. the rest are pretty much playoff teams..
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