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Originally Posted by Action View Post
It honestly seems to me that Moreno and Peyton have good chemistry. Peyton loves people who works hard that's all Moreno has done this season and he's made a point to make it a point to the reporters.

What I see during the game is Moreno and Manning always communicating with each other. I see Moreno pointing out something on defense presnap and letting Peyton know what he sees and Peyton rallies something back at him.

Commentators and reporters talking about Peyton was shoving Moreno around like he was clueless are just stupid... Peyton was changing the damn play so yeah, he was trying to let Moreno know what he was changing it too... is it really that big of a deal?
I actually didn't hear the commentators say anything about all that. This was just what I was seeing. To me it looked like they weren't on the same page for most of the night. When Hillman was out there and Peyton changed plays Hillman jumped to the right spot or Peyton directed him but Hillman responded immediately where I saw a few times where Moreno seemed to almost argue the movement that Peyton was instructing. Although I'm willing to concede that maybe Moreno was reading the defenders and felt he was in the right position for the play and that Peyton just read it another way. Hillman may not feel strongly enough about his reads yet to argue them with Peyton.

Anyway, that was the vibe I got last night ... I may be incorrect (and I'm sure that I'll get it from everyone) but that was what I saw during the game.

Let the "you're incorrect" replies commence.
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