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Let me add I went to preseason game in DAL when the broncos played there some years ago. I bought mine through there web site paid aretty penny for them as I was walking from the parking lot some guy was hawking tickets heard the price ( tought i should have done this as they were about 20 less than I paid ) as I walked by him and some folks bought them. They were about four rows in front of where I was setting. I saw the couple come in and be seated, about ten minutes later another two people got into an arguement about the seats, an usher was called and then the police took both couples away. One in cuffs then another couple set down about 15 minutes later rinse and repeat.

Ultimately another guy came in and got them ejected as he had the real tickets. Low and behold about five minutes before the game the guy that was selling them in the parking lot joined him he was loaded with snack food and beers.

Good way to afford stadium food.
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