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Originally Posted by Popps View Post
I'm sure someone mentioned this but Franklin was on the Fan and when asked about the two backs basically said they're the same guy from a style standpoint. I'd take WM over KM right now any day... but the drop-off hasn't been marked to this point. Let's remember, WM has had his struggles in a couple games this year as well.

People just need to get over it. He was drafted where he was drafted... and drafted by who drafted him. McDaniels may have been a poor coach/GM but he left us with a few valuable contributors to this team right now, like it or not. I mean... let it go. We're in the middle of an historic season.

Personally, I think it's awesome that we're getting SOME return out of what looked like a busted pick at one point.
Moreno 20 TD's and 3000 Yscm in 41 games.

McGahee 9 TD's and 2500 Yscm in 25 games.
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