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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Trev is not better then DJ right now as some suggest. As you said, there isn't enough of a sample size right now to determine this. I say he isn't because I still see easy mistakes that Trev is making out there. A few times yesterday I saw him clearly over react to a fake and got way out of position on plays. Other times he had nice plays. But DJ is playing well for the limited snaps he is getting. I think he had a sack yesterday but it was called back due to PI on Champ. He's bigger the Trev and probably just as fast. So, when guys like loinstar come in here and say DJ's not worth his salary, well that's because they are easing him back into the mix. Nobody is concerned right now about next year and he's obsessed with the salary DJ will make next year. Hey, how about we just care about this year and if he can help this team win a Superbowl.
Agree with your post. DJ and Trev are probably about the same speed. Danny was kinda hanging with McFadden on the 36 yard run (albeit 5 yards back).

DJ played well in his limited time, but it's hard to compare him against Brooking, because Brooking is out there 75% of the time. Would DJ gain or lose effectiveness if he played more? Still waiting to find out the answer to that question.

I think JDR trusts Brooking. I also think DJ is gaining trust, so we'll see what happens here at the end of the season. Everybody played okay against the Raiders...kinda hard to tell on such a crappy field.

Bannan and Brooking are getting preference over Ayers and DJ in my opinion. Ayers should be starting LDE (with Wolfe starting at UT), and DJ should be starting MLB. That isn't happening (and probably won't this year).

JDR is stubborn. I guess, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Only problem is, if it breaks in the playoffs, it's too late to fix it.

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