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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post

1. Amendola would be great, St. Louis won't let him get away though.

2. Moore isn't an upgrade on Kuper at RG, and I doubt he signs to be a backup.

3. Hill makes a ton of sense as would Knighton.

4. Nix would be great, but there's a good chance if he came out this year, he'd go in the Top 20, possibly to Tennessee or New Orleans.

5. Jackson is very intriguing, but he's likely a 34 ILB only. It'll be very interesting to see his athleticism in offseason workouts. We require our MIKE to drop into coverage fairly often.

6. Taylor makes a lot of sense for us, but we'd be lucky if he fell to the late 3rd. I see him and Montee Ball as Mid-Late 2nd round guys. Alot depends on his 40 of course. Moreno's ascension as of late complicates the RB picture as well.

7. Not sure about another OC. We're only going to carry two, and unless we've given up on either Walton or Blake, I don't see us going this route. Now, a big OG to replace Ramirez as depth, sure.

8. Phillip Thomas would be great, but I will be shocked if he gets out of the 2nd round. Maybe one of the Georgia safeties at this point.

9. Fine with any 7th round selection.

Good, well thought out Nov. mock to be sure.
Yeah, its early, and i am sure many of these guys will move around a bit.
I am suprised you think Thomas will be taken that high!
I think Nix comes out, so i have him. Again, its early.
I really think Jackson with Fox and JDR can play 4-3 MLB.

I also really believe that Amendola would walk if DEN can match his offer.
Oh, and a well timed phone call from Peyton, Elway and Fox wont hurt either!!!
As for O-linemen, this team needs em. Its becoming glaringly obvious.
Some depth just cant hurt at all.
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