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Moreno is serviceable. He has produced last few weeks and helped the team. That being said a good rb would added 100 more yards at least in that time frame. His lack of speed showed me last night that the toss plays teams don't have to defense against him. He had a long gain on a toss left that his lack of speed cost a big gain. Lack of speed is fine when you have power which Moreno is short on too. He is playing hardwood knows? and giving the team what he has got. He has been great in passing department and only slightly above average in the run game. Better teams that Denver will face in playoffs will be able to stack the box with the nickle package. The reason for all the fg last night in my opinion is lack of power run game that includes OL along with Moreno below average short yardage ability.

Holman has is he doing? Methinks blocks have something to do with it. But I'm not stupid, so who knows?
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