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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Well let's look at the title of the thread.

While the quote had zero comment about haters, it looks like you had an agenda making up the thread title. A conclusion could be drawn because of that.

As for my numerous responses with an exception here and there all where rebuttals of fan bois snipes at me or stating facts.

Now I could have started yet another thread on dumb ass but thought it poignant to just add to and rebutt in the same thread.

If you do not want me to reply in a thread then I suggest folks do not make a defense for the defenseless.

I'm hardly the first to use initials of player in thread so PLEASE DO NOT TELL Me what I have earned the right to do or not to do. I know how to spell his name I do not need a pompous ass to give me directions on finding it on their web site.

If you want to have TJ issue an edict I'll follow it until then please be quiet.

Have a great day. As I will, by celebrating a victory over a division rival that always IMO always gives us their best game. Where many thought it would be a cake walk, I did not.
Well actually I said Danny boy has not earned the right to go by just initials but you do have the reading comprehension issue so I understand.
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