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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by lolcopter View Post
You're wrong. Period. Moreno will continue to see 20 touch games throughout the duration of the season into the playoffs. Hillman definitely needs to step up and contribute, but Moreno has been this team's work horse back before, and he is currently it again right now. He's running with more decisiveness and burst than he's shown at any point prior in his career, so let's lay off the haterade and enjoy the quality football we have the privilege of watching right now.
You do realize there is a difference between 20 touches a game (4-5 screen passes/safety valve passes, and 15-17 carries per game) and grinding a guy off tackle into the heart of a defense for 25-30 carries (like they did last night.) I'm not hating on the kid. Again, if you looked at my posts I think he's played as well as he has for his entire career. He's going to be the featured back for the rest of the season. I have my doubts that he can be a workhorse back at the pace they have used him the past couple of weeks.
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