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one decent team and the two worst teams in the league. I'm not really getting where you're going with this. So you're saying that feeding Knowshon Moreno the ball 20 or 25 times is a recipe for success against teams like the Ravens? Again, I'm not disputing that he's playing hard and playing well. I'm just disputing the idea that we're going to be able to continue to give him 20-25 carries a game. If anything, it means that Hillman has to be able to step up as the change of pace back.
You're wrong. Period. Moreno will continue to see 20 touch games throughout the duration of the season into the playoffs. Hillman definitely needs to step up and contribute, but Moreno has been this team's work horse back before, and he is currently it again right now. He's running with more decisiveness and burst than he's shown at any point prior in his career, so let's lay off the haterade and enjoy the quality football we have the privilege of watching right now.
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