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Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
This. Why does it have to be a 180. At first 85 percent of the board referred to him as Slowshon or Noreno or a similar negative description. Everybody but Beantown Bronco and Drek wrote him off. Now a bunch of people are talking about him like he's going to be an important part of the Bronco franchise moving forward. He's serviceable. He's a less explosive Reuben Droughns. He is our best bet moving forward this season. Why can't there be a middle ground? With Moreno, I think it's a live in the moment type thing. He's strung together 3 decent games. He's held onto the ball, he shown us that he can grind out some tough yards between the tackles against bad teams. He's blocking and pass receiving have been stellar. The last offensive series last night was probably his most impressive series as a Bronco. I think the stretch where he was deactivated helped him get fully healthy.

That being said, we're not going to be able to pound Moreno for 20-25 carries against good defensive teams and I have serious doubts that he'll be able to hold up physically.
Moreno has touched the ball 24- 36 times over the last 3 weeks (4 days ago against the #1 Run defense in the league), for a total of 84 touches. He is finally getting the workload I've been hoping he would get. Those of us that have hoped he would get more opportunities have every right to be excited about the prospect.

Expect to continue to hear about it as long as people still react to every good game with statements like. "Well he's still slow," or "lets see him do it again."

We've had someone state that he needs to do it against someone other than KC....So he runs tough against the number 1 rush defense, so they change it to, lets see if he can do it he does against a defense that is better against the run than the stats show...and this time we hear how he won't be able to keep it up. 3 straight weeks of starting, three strong contributions...3 Mondays of pushing those goalposts back.
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