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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I don't think he's "slow". It sometimes takes him too long to make a decision, find and/or pick a crease, and get moving forward. But he's not slow. Did you see his 26 yard catch and run early in the 1st quarter? If that was "slow" then you must have had your dvr in slow motion!
Indecisiveness has always been Moreno's biggest issue. He wasn't ready for NFL speed and was used to his lateral agility and acceleration being enough to fake out collegiate competition. He's built the body (gained 18 pounds) to transition those tools to the NFL over the last couple seasons, now he's starting to learn how to actually run in this new style.

I've been saying for a while that the two backs I most compare Moreno to, even back at the draft, were Tiki Barber and Thomas Jones. Barber didn't put it together until year 4 and didn't really fix his fumble issues until year 8. Thomas Jones didn't put it together until year 5, stepping it up again in year 6. Both guys added weight on their way to those seasons, and both had to learn a lot about what they could actually get away with athletically in the NFL versus college.
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