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Chris Harris

Moreno's performance was well, average.

32 carries for 119 yards is 3.7 ypc. That's very average.


On the last drive, Moreno was called upon to get first downs and keep the ball out of the raiders hands to kill the clock. And he came through.

2nd and 20? Draw play for 16 yards.

3rd and 1, first down for 2 yards.

This is also at the point in the game when the Raiders KNEW we were going to run. KNEW it and Moreno stepped up and got us enough yards to keep moving the chains.

Blocking up front was very sporadic throughout the game as well. On at least 4 of his 32 carries, the line had gotten blown up before he ever had a chance.

He still missed some holes, but he is running strong and in the clutch, when we needed him to move the chains, he did so.

Anyone bagging on that can eat a bag of *****.
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