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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
A book report? Really? Are you in 8th grade or something? I saw DT miss on some plays as well. Do you mention those? No, you don't care to because it's not a player you have it out for.

And for your bromance comment, again you are off the mark. I've been on the fence about DJ. Go back and look through some threads. Oh that's right, you don't like to do your homework and research anything. You just fly off at the mouth impulsively with no facts to back anything up.
Guess I hit your hot button.

Your comment before this one says it all. On the fence sure thing, if you say so.

Once again I said I did not watch the game to critic every play/player. I was watching the game for enjoyment.

Some yahoo made a comment in one of the thread about DJ lighting it up at OAK since it was not worth the time to go find it I added this to a DJ thread.

Love it when a comment is made and folks go ape crap defending their stances, as I said earlier sure thing.

On the fence? I suspect you are in the closet about him. Where I make zero illusions about how I feel. He is a loser and not that great that anyone should want to keep him at next years salary. For that matter
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