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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
He's the new Tebow. There are some that will never be able to praise him, even for one day after a great game, without getting in a series of digs.
Dude its like his brain tells his feet to go one way, and his feet go the other.
Its really weird. He just cant seem to run for more than 5 feet without tripping over himself. I think its because he doesnt run with his knees, he runs with his feet low to the ground. They dont come very far off the ground when he takes a step. Also, i noticed that his shoes didnt come off, and there was a few close ups of him on the ground and i want to say his shoes were really taped up. Like they addressed the issue cause they knew he was gonna run alot. He needs to do this every game.
He did hold onto the ball, and you could see that he made every bit of effort upon contact to put 2 hands on the ball. I was very happy to see that he has allowed some coaching in this area of his game. Very glad he didnt put the ball on the ground. The fade were really going for the strip in the scrum at times, and he kept his head down, fell forward, and protected the football.
He finally came out and played a complete game, didnt fumble, pushed the pile, ran hard, fell forward every time he was tackled, blocked well (Ramirez didnt help him there!) and did his job. Finally.
Now he needs to do this every game, and i will never complain about him again.
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