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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
Mug is absolutely right here.
Allen will not be around past pick 12 in the draft. Not happening.
WR is really a weird position this year to get a good feel for.
Also, i dont think theres a MLB other than Manti worthy of the 1st round.
Minter and Ogletree probably go in the first.

Ogletree is tricky because he's an odd LB fit. Great instincts and athleticism, but he's marginal against the run due to size and probably strength. Theoretically, you could balk him up over a year or two, and if he keeps athleticism and instincts, he could be a really great LB. My main issue there is with the off-the-field stuff. Still, I could easily see him going to Seattle in Round 1 as they want to replace Leroy Hill. I'm not sure he's a MIKE though, which would go towards your point.

Kevin Minter, though, is really impressive and projects as an absolute stud at MIKE. He might not even make it to our selection in the late first. If he declares and he makes it to our pick, he's a no-brainer for me. Right now I think he's the heavy favorite to be our selection if he comes out.
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