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Originally Posted by oubronco View Post
On both Morenos TD run and the one first down Clark pushed him to the promised land, like get upfield knowshon oh **** it i'll do it for you

Good stuff
1. Its nice that Clark eventually did show up on that TD run because it was his damn fault that Moreno got wrapped up at the LOS when Clark failed to move his man out. He ended up pushing his defender who had Moreno wrapped while Moreno kept trudging forward.

2. On the first down reception Clark ran Moreno over when it looked like Moreno might have had the ability to break it back to the middle of the field and pick up more yardage.

Originally Posted by Aftermath View Post
I think he played a good game tonight. But I dont think "whoever" needs to eat crow as described by OP. This was one of his best games, but I believe, on 32 carries vs the Raiders with our line he should have done MUCH better.
Our line's run blocking was ****ing putrid last night. Moreno doing what he did was even more impressive thanks to their complete inability to open any real holes for Moreno. I can't recall a single running play where we had a blocker at the second level, but I can recall plenty where Moreno faced his first unblocked defender in the backfield.
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