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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Its really a good thing Williams is still on the team. He'll be a FA at the end of the year so no matter where he goes hopefully he has turned his life around.
Actually dumb ass has another year Of a contract left as it stands $7,700,000.00.

But hopefully he will indeed be gone and can turn his life around elsewhere.

As for being a good thing he is on the team. The point of my post was DT did almost as good in far less snaps. for one hell of a lot less money.

Someone mentioned watching the tape, while I was not specially looking for DJ, he was only seen a few times. One for a tackle AFTER THE RB HAD MADE HIS first down. Another of his patented drag down tackles from behind.

Obsessed, not hardly but whomever made this sorry assed thread seemed to be.
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