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Originally Posted by Action View Post
Oh yeah, and those people who are obsessing over the fact that Raiders run defense is so horrible he should have gotten way more... let's see if there are any running backs or teams that have performed worse than Moreno in terms of YPC against the Raiders

Ray Rice 13 carries 2.7 YPC
Trent Richardson 20 carries 3.6 YPC
Jamaal Charles 5 carries 0.8 YPC
San Diego as a team 20 carries for 1.6 YPC
Rashad Jennings 21 carries for 2.1 YPC
Michael Turner 11 carres for 3.0 YPC
Steelers as a team 20 carries for 2.7 YPC

YPC! The tell all stat!

That should shut the fools up, great post.

Listen up clowns KM is balling, giving this team his all.

Picking up blitzes, tough running and good for 20-30 yards a game

in passing.

O-line sucks lately, lets see how you do with no holes rarely and

sometimes a jail break in the backfield.

**** off....................
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