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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I was amazed his shoe didn't come off. It's the first game ever.
Yeah, I was shocked also.

Let me say to those who are trying to say Moreno's game tonight was nothing great. That on 32 carries he should have had more, or that his YPC is not high enough. Do you people actually watch the games. On almost every carry that he did not gain good yards, there was either a break down on OL assignment or an OLmen got flat out beat, like Manram did when he came off the line slightly to the right and the defender crossfaced him and went straight inside and nailed Moreno for a loss. You can't just look at stats people. You have to watch the game and break it down.

What I saw from Moreno tonight was this:

* I saw a conscious effort to get the 1st down when he saw he was close, rather then try to bounce outside for hopes of a big gain. He kept the chains moving.

* Protected the ball well

* Ran with pretty good vision and feel tonight

* Ran physical, not trying to avoid or juke too much, got the tough yards.

* Blocked pretty well and caught the ball well too

Nobody is trying to say Moreno is any kind of long term answer or anything like that. We're just trying to state the case, the dude had a damn good game.
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