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Originally Posted by HAT View Post
If your goal is the number 2 seed instead of number 1 seed then you are beyond help.

Bye week + HFA throughout the playoffs > 2 seed bye.

WTF has happened to this place? Let's go Pats!
I don't think it's a matter of anyone wanting the number 2 seed over the 1 seed but I think it's what's really more realistic.

Texans need to lose out for us to get the one seed, that isn't going to happen.

However if the Texans do beat the Pats, and we beat the Ravens the following week, we're in sole possession of the #2 seed.

Anyways back to the thread at hand.

I'm glad Von had the game he did on a national broadcast. Not everything he does so well shows up in a statistical category. How many times did he get a hold call against the O-Line tonight? How many times did that 10 yards back the Raiders up and prevent them from getting first downs.
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