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Mothergrabbing Knowshon Moreno Big up

Strongest I ever remember seeing him run, stepping it up in a big way, at just the right time.

1. The dude's legs are back. His vision is there. Determination is sick.
2. Nearly flawless execution out of a single back set.
3. 26-yard gain on dump pass on 3rd and 10? Unreal.
4. Knowshon dragging defenders late in the game past the 1st down marker. Come get some!
5. The patented Knowshon hurdle-move? Yes, he hurdles players.

Even during OL breakdowns, he still gets yards. I'm so proud of #27. Glad you are a Denver Bronco homeboy. Great attitude...and plenty of skill.

This might be the Broncos best chance. Plenty of teams are going to be salivating for JDR.

Go get 'em Knowshon! Bronco salute
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