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Doesn't matter --- you don't gain 168 all purpose yards and get pegged an average game... you've got to be a damn idiot to do that.

Let's also be clear... anytime a running play generates negative or 0 yards it's generally on the offensive line. Our run blocking is not where it needs to be.

Kuper was also out.

So let's recalculate his yards taking out the negative yardage and no gainers:

-4 yards
-3 yards
-1 yard
3 carries for 0 yards

Readjust his stats and you have:

127 yards on 26 carries which would leave you 4.9 YPC.

That's a more realistic idea of what Moreno did when there wasn't a tacker coming at him behind the LOS.
Ok you convinced me he had a great game. Go Broncos!
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