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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
In week 12, he was 1 pt less than Moreno in the league I'm in. I'm very much aware of him sucking last week as he's in 3 of my leagues. But comparatively to other WR's, a list which would be quite long, he hasn't sucked half as much as most of them. As far as Moreno, compared to other RB's, he sucks. And for the season, I'd take my chances on Decker over Moreno all the time. Ok, that was kind of a vent towards Moreno. I'm done.
On that note, I'm going with Moreno

Obviously we dont know how the game will play out, but considering Denver is the better team, with a potentially explosive offense, its possible they may spend more time running it at the end of the game. I think Decker may have the higher ceiling this game, but if the past two contests are any indication, Knowshon's gonna get them touches.
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