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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
Well, with Shorts dinged up, it's possible Blackmon gets Cromartie, whom will shut him down completely. I'm avoiding him. It's a toss up between Austin and Lloyd. Austin is probably safer, though Cincinnati has a decent secondary and pass rush. Lloyd might be relevant this game against Houston with both Gronk and Edelman out. He hasn't topped 45 yards receiving in a long time though. I think I'd go with Austin if I'm playing the odds.

As for TE, they all probably score similar. Gates has a tough matchup with Pittsburgh and their now-healthy safeties. Both Clark and Tamme have great matchups. Clark probably has more scoring potential, but with Stokley out, I think Tamme gets more overall targets. I expect both to score around 8 points.
Thanks. Austin has been inconsistent since week 8, and Cincy has a tough secondary. I was considering Lloyd because of the Edelman injury and for Monday Night hope, just in case. Probably won't make my decision until Sunday morning with this little dilemma.

Think with Tamme I'll wait and see if Stokley is out or not before pulling that trigger.

Basically I need to either win this game or lose and hope the 5th place guy loses or lose and if the 5th place guy wins I need to outscore him by 3 points because of the tiebreaker. It's a pretty decent place to be in except he's playing a last place guy so he'll probably win. Really want to make the playoffs in all 3 of my leagues. So far I'm 2/3 and this one would be so nice.
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