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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
Some people aren't as interested in this as me (I understand). However the Schiano kneel down antics deserve a little analysis. I found this sped up "three stooges version" of the kneel down play. It's kind of ineresting to analyze.

It looks like we did game plan for this (as we should have), but it also doesn't look like Tampa Bay has the right strategy. I would be going for the ball/snapping arm, but it looks like their theory is to knock the Center back into the QB.

Anyone ever seen this type of play work, even in college? It just looks like they were trying to be "punitive" rather than really getting a good shot at a turnover. Maybe, by having both our Guards dive in we just took the play away. Anyway, thought it was worth a look or three.

Tom Nalen was talking about this on ESPN radio... he basically said that the strategy is to push the center back into the QB, and he said if he were facing off against Schiano's Bucs, he would tell his guards "do whatever it takes - within or outside of the rules to keep their lineman off me."
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