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Originally Posted by jerseyguy4 View Post
It's not often a challenge or a timeout is involved in getting the 5 yarder. These were exceptions, not the norm.

The point isn't to be slick. They're lining up fast anyway. If they're lined up and the opportunity presents itself, they may as well take advantage
Those instances where a challenge was burnt particularly stand out to me so I can't say the numbers of times it's happened (oh, and I've not had a lot of games on local TV) so you may be right that it was minimal. It just didn't seem like it to me.

That said, my biggest concern is just that the plays aren't run in a way that really allows any major benefit aside from the 5 yard gain. If you watch Rodgers in GB when he gets someone offsides, you can bet money that it's gonna be thrown 40 yards downfield. Every. Single. Time. If the team (Read: Peyton) were to institute a rule where this scenario instantly meant Hail Mary or something, I'd be all for it. They'd just have to announce it fast and execute in a way Peyton doesn't get destroyed.

I just don't like risking killing a drive if the refs don't catch it or if somehow the guy gets off the field because the plays I've seen it attempted with were generally basic run up the gut plays that this team just can't turn into much.
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