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Originally Posted by Schism View Post
I don't like it personally, but I won't complain too much as it's helping us!

However, I would have thought that if you are going to do it you'd be better off launching a deep pass down the field and hoping for a long completion/defensive PI.

If it's a free play you may as well try and go for a big gain knowing that any INT will be coming back. Maybe there wasn't enough time to communicate that to a WR?
This x 1 gazillion.

I've been ranting about this plenty but to intentionally run a crappy play just for the sake of getting 5 easy yards is silly when you consider that the ref has to catch it. There's been at least twice that we've had to burn timeouts because he wanted the cheap yards and, in doing so, he was unable to call a successful play in the haste.

Someone made the argument that challenges aren't what they used to be and that's a very valid point but, still, I'd rather they earn the yards (or at least try to) rather than keep letting this attempt to be slick blow up in their faces. The time we have no challenge will be the time it really makes a difference.
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