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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Difference is that Willis DNF due to injury and KM finished the game with only 69 yards well under the 90 he was on pace for. Before I get jumped on by you and Ozmulsion and Pops I agree those 3 run plays in the second to last series hurt his numbers because the D was playing run only.

My point was that Willis has had a bad game or 2 throughout the year but he usually has a big game (talking career single game rush totals for KM) to make up for it.

The argument was that KM is the drop off from McGhee hasn't been much, for that to remain true KM needs to have a 120+ yard day this week.
Actually THIS year McGahee averages 73 rushing yards a game and 20 receiving. In Moreno's 2 starts, he has averaged 77 rushing yards and 20 receiving per game. So actually there has been no drop off. And better yet, 2 games in a row without a fumble from the RB position. Willis has 3 100 yard games this year. In his other 7 games, he hasn't had more than 66 yards.

All KM has to keep doing is running hard to keep selling the pass and not fumble. If his average holds up, he will actually outproduce McGahee in this offense.
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