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Originally Posted by spiralism View Post
It's going to be Watt. No broncos defensive player gets league wide respect it seems (as seen by our grand total of zero defensive players in the hall - anyone who tries to retort with willie brown deserves a smack in the head). Champ puts up the best season statistically by a CB ever and it's not even good for 2nd in the 2006 vote.

I argued Miller's case on another forum, backing it up with the stats and got torn apart for it as being a deluded homer so if that's the prevailing attitude towards miller's play amongst other fans, Watt will take this.
I've seen plenty of press for Miller, he seems pretty popular nationally. JJ Watt is having a pretty impressive season too, losing out to him wouldn't be nearly the tragedy Champ losing out was. (That was really awful)

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