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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
That was supposed to be Ty Warren and he would have been huge for this defense but of course he can't stay healthy. It will be interesting to see if they cut him next year and try to get another big name here. I know they will no doubt draft a guy or 2 on the interior of that line but I still think we need a nice vet in there. Mitch and Justin have been decent but you could definitely upgrade over them. Vickerson you definitely keep and of course Wolfe but definitely need a big physical smash mouth talented dude in the middle. If they keep DJ at MLB then that allows us, IMO, to use the 1st pick on another DLmen instead of a LB. Then 2nd round, definitely go RB. Safety in the 3rd. After that BPA.
It's a good year for penetrating DT's. No John Henderson's or Marcus Stroud's, but those guys would fly off the board early anyway.

DT - Kawann Short, Sylvester Williams - One of these guys could be there at the bottom of the 1st...and have great size and production at the NT position. Kawann Short is about 320 lbs. and has 50 tackles, 6 sacks perennially. Either would be a great complement to Derek Wolfe on the inside, but would be buried behind Vickerson and Bannan on the depth chart initially.

RB - Eddie Lacy, Montee Ball - Neither of these guys have the most speed in the world, but both are bigger backs, should the Broncos decide they need more firepower at RB. Although, if Knowshon renegotiates his contract, we might be set for the next couple years with McGahee and Hillman.

WR - Tayvon Austin, Terrance Williams - Austin is a diminutive game-breaker. Williams is a prototypical #2WR to pair with Demaryius Thomas. Either would blow the roof off the Broncos Offense.

Also will need an LB, CB, and possibly SS or OG...

The question is, who can we draft who will make the biggest impact now? Who is the BPA?

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