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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
Did we really get owned by Tampa's running game? We allowed less than 60 yards to one of the best backs in the league this season and less than 75 total. To me it looks like our D owned Tampa's rushing attack.
Take a look at all of Martin's longer runs, and I guarantee you Brooking is getting pwned in all of them.

We all used to complain that Joe Mays was only getting two tackles per game. Well, Brooking has gotten 2, 1, and 1 his last three games. He isn't very fluid, gets blocked easily, and appears to be wearing down. DJ and Trevathan get just as many tackles and play less than half the time Brooking does.

Don't get me wrong, I like Brooking. At least he organizes the Defense into proper alignments and run fits, and doesn't miss tackles (unlike Joe Mays). However, he needs to be limited to a backup role, with 15-20 snaps per game.

Time to start DJ.
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