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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
They were exclusive statements. Many of McCoy's run play-calls are telegraphed. For example, when they bunch 7 players (5 OL, 2 TE's) on the line...but I guess it's kinda hard to hide, when you're running in a posse formation 90% of the time.

Manning definitely needs to rethink motioning the TE only for run plays. Running play-action 50% of the time after motioning in the TE would probably solve the problem, and keep the Defense guessing...but it may limit the TE's route tree in a play-action pass play.

It's a tough one to solve. I don't remember seeing him do that with Indy.
What kills me is that 2nd and short has been an automatic run down all season, when it is a great play action down.
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