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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
When you have a HOF QB on the field that can make instant decisions on what he sees, something that Fox and frankly 30 other HCs do not have, he places the general flow of the game into his and the OC hands.

We all know that Fox is a run first very conservative coach that errors on the side of caution, believes in TOP, his defense and field position. This call would have been right up his alley.

Had we been behind at the time then it is another whole conversation.

Myself I'm the kind of guy that wants to step on their throat and win by 40, so saying what just posted goes against my wishes, but was the right thing to do given the situation had the blocking been there it should have been a really good gain.

That is a whole different story.
If the blocking is there every single running play should be a really good gain
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