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Originally Posted by Durango View Post
Completely agree with 2 & 4, but honestly, Moreno has no moves. None. Remember the days when Terrell Davis would just slide away from tacklers. In contrast, Moreno runs into the assigned hole. If there is a hole, he gains yards, and yes, fights for every inch. If not, he just runs into the tacklers.

Hillman has shown flashes here and there, but he hasn't dazzled anyone.
You just can't compare the running games from the Shanhan era. Our guys back then were taking on LBers and safeties because the Dline was on the ground. Or they were running free on the cutback. You need some open space to make "moves." The reason Moreno looks good in the pass game is because he is in space. Our run game doesn't make much space.

Also, not many backs in history could cut like TD. Moreno ain't going to do it like him, but he can make guys miss if he isn't already trying to shrug off dlineman.
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