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Default Broncos Game Notes: Bucs

1. Knowshon and Hillman ran through every hole that the OL made...and ran hard. Knowshon picked up a crucial 3rd and 1, at the end of the game, by creating his own hole and running directly through the line. I am excited about these guys. They looked great in the 3rd and 4th quarter.

2. McCoy makes some run play calls that literally have no chance to succeed. Pretty easy to tell it's a run, when Manning beckons the TE in towards the OL.

3. Zane Beadles had two drive-killing holding calls. Beadles, Clady, Koppen, and Kuper all missed blocks at various times, causing TFL's or stops at the line. These guys can do it, if they focus and eliminate mistakes.

4. After Von was injured late in the game, it's surprising how easy the Bucs scored on the Broncos. Normally, it would be tee-off time for the Defense. Not so, if Miller isn't getting freaky with the pass rush.

5. Dumervil had great pressure all day. Wolfe had great inside push, and Unrein made some critical plays. Still would like to see more pass rush to close out the game.

6. Champ shut down Vincent Jackson...where are all the guys calling for him to move to Safety after two straight stellar weeks?

7. Bolden got lit up, and Tony Carter wasn't as sticky as normal during the game's final few minutes. Wouldn't now be a great time to start working Porter back into some Nickel situations?

7. DJ (from MLB) sprinted to the edge and forced Martin inside early. He had a couple big hits, and is not easily blocked. DJ is playing better every game...but didn't play at all past the middle of the 3rd quarter.

8. Trevathan started playing after DJ went out, and finished the game well, with great coverage on Dallas Clark throughout the 4th quarter.

9. Brooking cannot get off blocks, but stayed in anyway. He should not have such a focal role. Woodyard makes some great plays, and gets washed out on others. With both Brooking and Woodyard in, we got pwned against the run.

10. DT is awesome. Tamme finally showing his capability. Decker and Dreessen are beginning to realize the consequences of dropping balls every game, by getting less targets.
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