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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by errand View Post

He wants to enjoy the Broncos winning 9 out of 12 games and winning the AFCW, but realized "Doh!" he trashed this team, it's players, it's HoF QB's (Elway and Manning), the FO, the coaching staff and called those of us who didn't have likewise opinions of the team morons.

so he comes in here figuring he'll sorta admit he was kinda, maybe wrong, but leaves the door open to where he can come back and say the season wasn't really a success should Manning not help us win the SB
I'm guilty as charged, everything you said is true.

Again... I've owned what I've said. My opinion wasn't the same as yours and as it turns out I wasn't right about Manning as you and many others on the OM were.

I freely admit that my frustration with the Broncos failures over the last several years brought me to a boiling point this offseason. I was taking the losing seasons way to hard. The QB position has really been tough to cope with. My standards have been to high and I have taken the games way to seriously.

After my heart issue in May I realized just in time that I can't afford to have the same attitude today. My temper flared out of control way too much. I just can't do it anymore, after being hospitalized and coming close to death and a painfully long 2 month recovery I had to reevaluate what's really important and what isn't.

I'm trying not to take the Broncos games so personal, I can't waste any more of my life being angry and hateful because it literally could kill me.

So if you and the others on here want to brow beat me go ahead, I'm not going to react to it because I'm done being angry and hateful. You won't see me in here trying to be a wreaking ball anymore. I'm done it's not worth it. I apologized to anyone in here I've offended I was a 1st class ass clown sometimes no doubt about it.

That said I'm happy for the teams success and Manning's because I've been a Fan for 40 plus years. No one will be more happy than me to see Manning and the team win a 3rd SB, no one.

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