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Default 12 men on the field

It's one of the least exciting things to happen in a game. A simple 5 yards and no auto-first down. Rarely a game changer. But who else enjoys the shat out of these when Peyton catches other teams?!?

Having watched Manning his whole career, I will say...this is normal. In 2010 I had emailed the indystar and asked Mike Chappell if they kept stats on this penalty. He said they didn't. He looked and I looked, and we didn't find it anywhere. But at some point, someone needs to go back and dig up those numbers. Peyton holds a bucket full of records already, and no doubt holds this one also.

Guessing, I think he has at least 8 this season? Maybe 10? Anyone?
Again guessing, I think he has averaged about 1 per game over his last 3 seasons.
I love each of them. Its like a staple I wait for every game, disappointed if I don't get one. Fired up when I see two in one night.

DC's must know this is coming. Are they embarrassed when they get caught?
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