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Originally Posted by Mile High Mojoe View Post
My hats off to everyone in the organization. I was wrong about Manning and happy I was. The Defense has played beyond my expectations, Miller is just money.

Still...Manning must produce a championship, settling for anything less now won't do. The measure of greatness is not just division titles but playoff victories in combination with winning the last game of the season. Manning has maybe 2 good years left then we'll have to retool the offense all over again. So this short cut must pay off, it's the whole reason he was signed in the first place. I'm positive that Bowlen, Elway and Fox expect nothing less as well.

Today they all deserve praise, Manning deserves it, Miller deserves it, and the whole D most certainly deserves it. But I still feel in my gut and in my heart that until Manning hoists the Lombardi over his head the signing can't be called a complete success despite his great regular season comeback.

Maybe to some that's asking too much but since Manning cost the Broncos so much in so many ways and since his window of opportunity is so small nothing else will do. Call my expectations to high but that's how I see it.

The Broncos have to get one of their RB's or a combination to produce because without the threat of a running game I don't see them going deep in the playoffs. Thomas has made a big jump as a WR and the rest of the Receivers have done a serviceable job but it won't be enough.

Clinching early is great too but no guarantee of a championship. Manning's Colt teams did it many times and he only has one ring to show for it so the Broncos must not get complacent or take any games off the rest of the season. If they finish strong they could be the second highest seed in the AFC and get all their playoff games at home except the AFC Championship Game if the Texans get that far. So the remaining games matter and they must continue to improve in all phases of the game.

Congrats enjoy the win today Broncos Fans but they still have work to do. Like taking the Raiders to the Slaughter House on Thursday. GO BRONCOS!'
Jesus, give the guy props. He was a real tool, but he's being a class act even with you guys STILL hammering him. MHM, I appreciate you toning down your douchiness.
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