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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Good point.

Hey Mojoe, you do realize that nobody wanted to play with Tebow right? B. Lloyd left, Eddie Royal left.

Don't think for a minute that any of our recent FA acquisitions (Tamme, Dreesen, Adams, Koppen, Stokley, Bannan, Leonhard) would have hopped on board.

Jack Del Rio would have never came to Denver.

The Broncos would have been fighting it out with the rest of the AFC West losers trying to get a chance to be blown out in the playoffs again.
EDIT: Below is my original post. I misspoke and said Royal signed after Manning. He did not, he knew Peyton was a very legit possibility and still left. Carry on with original post

Did you know that that just as the good Reverend pointed out about Del Rio, Royal with Cheese had not yet signed with Washington or San Diego. The Broncos still wanted him and they had Manning, yet he still left. It wasn't about money because he took a lesser deal with Whales Vagina than what the Redskins offered.

He wanted a change of scenery because in his eyes he needed it to revitalize his career. Turns out he just sucks, because he is the same in Whales Vagina.

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