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Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
So because it has never happened in the victory formation my opinion is full of ****? Yeah,, no it doesnt make sense.

Fact is, that QBs muff snaps under center all the freaking time! Where is the percentage of that? Care to pull those up for us?- yes, they happen a bunch and when the game is tight and on the line- lets refer to the great elway back in '97 after the D stopped favre on 4th down. What was the very first thing he said to his center before they took the kneel down formation?.............."make sure I get this snap"...........!!!!!

So I am going to have to call bull**** on this one! It may not have happened yet but if elway was nervous enough- like I just said a QB might be- well then....maybe it just might happen afterall. You never know until you try.
First off, QB's don't muff snaps "all the time". It's happens but it's rare. Now, let's take into account what we're talking about. The type of play they are taking a snap for. There's no having to read a defense, there's no having to turn around and hand the ball off, no having to drop back and pass. There's nothing else for the QB to think about but kneeling down. There is a reason why no NFL QB's muff victory formation snaps in the NFL. Don't try and compare this unique play with any other play in which a QB might muff a snap. You can argue all you want about play to the whistle, whatever, that's fine. But don't try and make a case that there is a decent probability of them causing a fumble.

Even the Bucs players don't like do this. Broncos player said on radio today when the went up to the line they told the defensive players not to do it and they said in return they have to or it's their butt.

So some scrub QB for some scrub team in college didn't see it coming and they got caught off guard. The honeymoon is over, everybody knows it's coming, there is no way in hell it will work for them.

Honestly I think there coach knows the chances are worse then a snowball in hell. I think he's trying to teach his team to play hard until the end. But there is a better way of doing that then risking injury to them and the other team when the other team is being classy about winning.
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