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Again... yes, yes and still more yes. In hindsight it was brilliant but no one can say for sure that this team would be were it is today. Many fans hoped it would be so but didn't know it was a lock, that's BS. I still can't believe they clinched in Week 12, this season is one of the greatest stories in the history of the franchise. I'm totally on board. GO BRONCOS!!! GO MANNING!!
Ok lets go ahead and say that the signing was an abortion the size of the Redskins and Mcnabb marriage. If that happened Denver would be in the same spot as last year and that would be a team with a smoking hole at QB. We have a prospect with a year of NFL training under him and who knows how he will turn out. Sure Denver blew 19 Million on Manning but lets be honest they made more than that with his signing. This next offseason wouldn't be much different than last other than last year we absolutely know we did not have a legit NFL QB on the roster.
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