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Randy Gradishar

Obviously at this stage Brock just can't be compared to Manning. Manning is a whole other animal, not just a great player but a Coach on the field, he makes everyone look better. I sincerely hope Brock gets there but the talent on Offense with another QB at this point is an average to below average team. The OL has been a real strength and lets hope it continues. But other than Thomas and Decker possibly at WR none of the other skill position players are what you'll call great players. McGahee is nearly done, no RB we have at this point is going to step and play the way he has yet. I'm just honestly trying to be objective about it. Today if Manning goes down the D would have to carry the team and I'd say that Manning's play has helped to inspire them to play above their abilities as well.

Maybe Manning has more than 1 or 2 more years, it'll give Brock plenty of team to grasp the offensive.
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