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Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post
Manning is a once every 25 year QB. In fact he is probably the best thinking QB that has ever played the game. A coach on the field, probably better at knowing what the defense is doing than anyone else on the team ( including the coaches).

A talent like his is not going to be easy to replace because of that. A pure drop back passing QB is not enough. Expecting that Osweiler will be able to perform like Manning is pretty unlikely. Unless he is in the Franchise category ( (a big IF) there will be significant drop off when he takes the reins after Manning. Manning is Manning becasue he is Dedicated and works harder than almost anyone else. Combined with his talent that gives him his
dominance. I have no idea if Osweiler ( or any other QB) we have or might get have that level of work ethic. I have heard that Luck is like Manning in that respect. It is starting to show in the results also.
All Brock has to do is record absolutely everything that Manning does and says...then play it back for our next QB draft pick. Dynasty preserved.

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