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What's weird is, the Broncos would likely be 4th seed in the AFC right now, with Timon at the helm.

Our running game would be lights out, and the Defense would be lights out. We would kinda be like SF...who I think can beat NE handily.
SD would be leading the division with a 6-5 record if Tebow was in Denver. What part of horrible do people not understand?

He was figured out. Denver lost at home last year to the Chiefs 7-3. All the opposing teams had to do was rush three or 4 but not a full rush just keep Tebow in front of them and do not let him run. Drop everyone else into coverage and dare him to throw the ball. He can't complete a pass when its in coverage. He can't do it. Pittsburgh were the only ones towards the end of the season not to do this. Instead the stacked the LOS and blitzed often leaving their WR in 1 to 1 coverage.

Tebow has been figured out and he'll NEVER EVER be an effective NFL QB again.

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