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Originally Posted by Mile High Mojoe View Post
Still...Manning must produce a championship, settling for anything less now won't do. The measure of greatness is not just division titles but playoff victories in combination with winning the last game of the season. Manning has maybe 2 good years left then we'll have to retool the offense all over again. So this short cut must pay off, it's the whole reason he was signed in the first place. I'm positive that Bowlen, Elway and Fox expect nothing less as well.
Maybe I missed something but why would we have to retool?

Everyone on the offense is young save maybe Ma Gahee, the receivers can still run routes, cathe the ball and run with it afterwards.
The OL still can block for runs and passing and last but not least RBs still carry the ball.

The only thing different is Manning will not be calling the plays in the play book.

Let's hope that Brock learns from his mentor and carries on, probably why John Drafted him. To learn and be ready when our HOF QB retires.

Nothing to retool.
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