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Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
I love how everyone always cherry picks those stats. Actually in almost every game he has had 15 touches he has had over 100 total yards. Yet, for some reason when knowshon catches those passes for yards they are not applicable. MJD, Mccoy, Rice, Foster, Sproles, they all are fine. But knowshon has to only do it by running otherwise they dont count.
The majority of people who keep hating on Knowshon are the ones living in the past, incessantly griping about him being a 12th overall selection by Josh McDaniels. "But, but we could have Orakpo, etc." Who the **** cares who we could have had? It is water under the bridge. GET OVER IT. Knowshon is never going to live up to the bill of being an elite running back, so people should just let that go.

Just hope he can continue to contribute in a solid manner for this team gonig forward. They seem to be utilizing him more in the passing game, which is refreshing. Split him out wide. He can catch the ball. Interior blocking in the run game still isn't up to par, nor was it when he was in his rookie and sophomore campaigns with us. Last year he blew out his knee and took a while to recover and become more explosive.

Instead of crapping on the guy, we should be hoping he can continue to progress and do a more effective job. But no, the OM would rather complain about how he does his shoes or if he trips and falls down. Notice how the posters bagging on Knowshon never have an opinion on the OL play. Haters gonna hate. All some people wanna do is bring a guy down.

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