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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
If KM is going to continue to be comparable to Willis he needs to have a 120 yard game next week. McGahee had 2 bad games in a row vs Carolina and Cincy but he was having a great day vs SD (7 carries for 55 yards) when he got hurt, I posted in the game day thread that Willis was poised for a 150+ game if he kept it up all day.

Waiting for KM to have a big day, he could have yet this year as we play KFC at home. Maybe he can have his 3rd 100 yard game in his 4 year career!

I just want to see him be consistent and get better every week, let PM and the D control the games.

I love how everyone always cherry picks those stats. Actually in almost every game he has had 15 touches he has had over 100 total yards. Yet, for some reason when knowshon catches those passes for yards they are not applicable. MJD, Mccoy, Rice, Foster, Sproles, they all are fine. But knowshon has to only do it by running otherwise they dont count.
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