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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
It's never worked in the NFL and it may have worked once or twice in college. So if you take the thousands upon thousands of Kneel downs over all those years, the % of a defense causing a fumble is like .000000000000001%. Yeah, let's stop pretending that it's going to work. It won't, it doesn't, it's foolish. When you say Manning could have EASILY got nervous and muffed the snap, I think that % shows you that your FOS.

I think we should have got lined up, make all those defensive players get in their ultra low stance, hold them there for 30 seconds and then take a penalty for delay of game. Do that 5 of 6 times and make their legs just burn for 30 seconds each time. Then take your last kneel down and deal with their BS.

So because it has never happened in the victory formation my opinion is full of ****? Yeah,, no it doesnt make sense.

Fact is, that QBs muff snaps under center all the freaking time! Where is the percentage of that? Care to pull those up for us?- yes, they happen a bunch and when the game is tight and on the line- lets refer to the great elway back in '97 after the D stopped favre on 4th down. What was the very first thing he said to his center before they took the kneel down formation?.............."make sure I get this snap"...........!!!!!

So I am going to have to call bull**** on this one! It may not have happened yet but if elway was nervous enough- like I just said a QB might be- well then....maybe it just might happen afterall. You never know until you try.
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